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At Athens Professional Septic & Drain Service we recommend that a homebuyer have his or her prospective home’s septic system inspected before purchasing the home. The buyer needs to know if the system needs repair or replacement or if the system is functioning correctly. This will give the buyer peace of mind about the system before purchasing the home.

We highly recommend that the septic tank be pumped out at the time of the inspection so the technician can view the sides and the bottom of the tank to check for cracks or structural damage. We understand, however, that a potential buyer may not want to pump out a tank if he or she is not sure about buying the house. We will inspect the tank without pumping it if the potential buyer signs a waiver stating he or she understands that the entire tank could not be inspected and that Athens Professional will not be responsible for any damage caused by possible cracks. This “inspection only” is offered at a discounted price.

The following is included in the septic system inspection:

Before opening the septic tank the technician will:

  • Check the ground surrounding the tank and drain field for depressions or standing water or sewage.

After digging up and opening the lids to the tank but before pumping the tank the technician will: 

  • Check the lids for cracks or damage. 
  • Check the thickness of the sludge (the bottom layer of solids) and the scum (the top layer of oil/grease). 
  • Check the inlet and outlet tees for damage and proper placement. 
  • Check the inlet tee for grease build-up and/or roots. 
  • Run water to test the drain field.

During and after pumping the tank the technician will: 

  • Observe or listen for septic effluent flowing back into the tank from the drain field. 
  • Inspect the sides and bottom of the tank for cracks or other structural damage. 
  • Remove and clean the filter (if the tank has one) located in the outlet tee. 
  • Confirm the size of the tank.

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