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Septic System Do's and Don'ts

There are many things† you can do to help your septic system run smoothly.† And there are things you should avoid.† Although the list below is not all inclusive, we hope it gives you some basic "do's and don'ts" to follow...

Septic System Do's

  • DO have your septic tank pumped out and your system inspected every three to five years by Athens Professional.†
  • DO keep a record of your inspections. At Athens Professional, we provide a detailed description of your septic system after the inspection.†
  • DO conserve water. Repair leaking toilets and faucets; run dishwashers and washing machines only when full.†
  • DO divert rain water away from the septic system.†
  • DO learn the location of your septic system.†
  • DO use toilet paper that is safe for septic systems. Use bleach, disinfectants, and cleaners sparingly.

Septic System Don'ts

  • DONíT park or drive over any part of the system. Donít plant large plants, bushes or trees near the septic system.†
  • DONíT pour grease down the sink.†
  • DONíT flush non-biodegradable items such as disposable diapers, etc down the toilet.

If you have any questions about items not listed on this page, please Contact Us anytime!

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