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Welcome to! Antonio and Mandy Martin own and operate Athens Professional Septic and Drain Service. Antonio has over twelve years of experience solving septic tank and drain problems. We are licensed and insured. So if you are looking for someone who will take care of your property like it was their own, call us. We know you will be pleased with our personal service and dedication!

From our customers...

"Having septic tank problems is just barely more fun than having a root canal without anaesthesia. With Professional Septic you''ll never know you had a problem except that when they leave, the problem no longer exists. You cannot even tell where they dug up your yard ... a must for me because I''m very finicky about my centipede grass. I just wish Professional had been in business 15 years ago when I called another, not so "professional" septic tank company. I''d never deal with another company again and for peace of mind, you shouldn''t either. Thank you, Antonio and Mandy for living up to your company''s name."  -Dr. Jim Dillard, Optometrist

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Understanding Your Septic System

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A typical septic system showing plumbing from the house to the septic tank drain field A septic system showing an Infiltrator drain field A septic system showing a distribution box and gravel drain field

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